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The PAX S58 Card Reader (fixed and mobile) is an ideal sales terminal for users who need an affordable card reader. With safe and secure processing, this card reader is able to process and calculate debt, credit, gift, loyalty rate (number of customer purchases) and other types of payment transactions. This product is offered as a referrer.
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The AISINO-V71 Mobile Card Reader is a popular and portable payment device all over the world, which with its high performance and high quality is a tough competitor for other types of mobile card readers, including PAX card readers.
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ANFU AF70 card reader Support for dual SIM and WIFI network allows the transaction to be done correctly at any time and place.
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Verifon 520 fixed card reader is a series of fixed card readers that are connected to the banking network by landline phone and also by internet (via network cable) and perform transactions. You can easily use the device with a telephone line or modem. This device also has the ability to connect to Bank Shetab member accounts at your request. This device has the ability to record and send purchase bank card transactions in the shortest possible time and with the security approved by Shaparak payment system and is provided as a referral.
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The Ingenico 7910 mobile card reader is one of the oldest, best-selling and cheapest types of mobile card readers. This sales terminal has 8 MB of memory. This product is offered as a referrer.
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Centerm K9 Android mobile card reader from CENTERM company with a powerful quad-core processor, 5.5-inch screen with the ability to receive multiple simultaneous touches and Android 5.1 operating system. Buyers of this device can benefit from our special offer of providing free monthly rolls based on the amount of transactions throughout the country.
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